Information for Advertisers

TrafficBox provides any type of traffic one can ever imagine. We deliver the traffic from all over the world. We do banner ads. We serve popunder traffic with a good choice of targeting options. We provide mobile traffic (Android, iPhone, etc.), which can be filtered by country and carrier. We offer video traffic, which can be also geo targeted and filtered by many parameters.

Our price is always fair. Our advanced algorithms allow to secure the actual market prices, you will never overpay for traffic with us. We guarantee the most reasonable rates in the industry on equal quality traffic. If you have found a broker providing the traffic of the same quality at a lower price, please contact our Customer Care team. We will immediately match or beat the prices.

We have a variety of tracking and targeting options. Our traffic can be targeted by referrer, country, category, type, device, carrier (for mobile devices), browser language and much more. We have got a good bunch of tools for traffic productivity and ROI tracking. By using our token or pixel tracking you always know which traffic suits you more, which traffic is more productive or how much money you earned. You have a full control over your campaigns: you can setup the frequency capping for your ads, activate or suspend your orders at any time, setup your daily budget, monitor the traffic suppliers to pick up traffic sources you find best and much more. All our stats and reports are realtime.

Traffic origin and its quality are very important to us. We receive traffic only from well-known and trusted networks, our Requirements for traffic suppliers are very strict. All the traffic we provide is legit and is being monitored round-the-clock.

Bulk traffic Buyers and Resellers, we have a discount program for you. Please contact our specialists online, depending on your monthly budgets we will provide you with a fair discount. For traffic Resellers and experienced Webmasters we have also developed an advanced API interface which allows to control your campaigns and use specific options you might need on your own server.

There are no setup or membership fees. Even if you place a bulk order, we never charge you forward. You pay only for the received traffic and may request a payout of your remaining balance at any time.

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