Publishers Questions

How can I earn with your system? From what type of websites do you accept traffic? Are there any requirements in relation to the sites which you are accepting the traffic from?

You can earn by selling traffic from your site through our platform. We don't accept sites containing pornography, spyware, trojans or other malware, weapons, drugs, violence and religious intolerance. Unlike other brokers, we don’t use predefined criteria for assessing "quality" of websites. We accept test traffic from nearly every kind of sites. In addition, we always take final decision on further cooperation only after performing the test, since during that test we assess the traffic quality. Our system allows determining the quality of your traffic to within 95-99%. We developed our own analysis system, which enables us to buy only the real human traffic with accuracy at 95-99%. All traffic that does not pass quality control will be returned back to your backlinks. In such way, we can ensure high price for our publishers and protect our advertisers from bad quality traffic.

Although we have no specific rules concerning the sites of our publishers, we recommend you to pay attention to several criteria that are taken into account when deciding on cooperation:

Websites that have any materials associated with the materials "for adults only" as well as any content that we deem suspicious, will be rejected.

We evaluate the search rate of your website in Google, Yahoo as we do with other traffic related data, using alexa.com, website history, its age, design and other data.

The criteria though are not limited to the basic parameters mentioned here. We still can refuse to accept traffic without explaining a reason.

What type of traffic can I sell? Do you accept popunder traffic?

We accept the following types of traffic:

Video traffic
Popunder traffic
Mobile traffic (traffic from mobile devices, cell phones, tablets)
Banner traffic

You can sell all the above mentioned types of traffic from the same website.

What are your payment models?

We buy raw (non-unique) traffic. Pop traffic is paid for each opening of advertiser ads on your website. There are two models for a banner traffic: CPC (paid for ad clicks) and CPM (paid for every 1000 impressions). When you sell banner traffic, our system automatically selects the best rotation scheme for you.

How much can I earn? How often do you pay? What payment systems are used?

The actual rates may vary depending on the type of traffic you are selling, its quality, performance, and the current market conditions. Our strategy is built around the maximization of profit for publishers who sell high-quality traffic, and to minimize or eliminate low-quality traffic.

There is no minimum threshold. Payments can be done when you're requesting your payout. As a general rule, all requested payments are processed within a few hours during working days. Maximum delay time is 48 hours. Payments can be received via Bank Wire, PayPal, Paxum and Webmoney.

What are the TrafficBox benefits? Why should I work with you?

Our mission is to maximize profits for publishers who sell high-quality traffic. We do everything possible to ensure that you get the best price offer for your traffic.

Within our platform you will be able to sell different types of traffic, such as popunders, banners, mobile traffic and video traffic from one account. You can play with settings, chose the best Ad Zones and marketing campaigns, with all your profit still accumulated in one place.

We strictly control our advertisers' sites to be sure that your traffic is being sent to "clean" sites with good reputation only. Our team carries out update of all resources in the system 24/7, both automatically and manually. You always have the opportunity to exclude unwanted advertisers. It's up to you to choose the best advertisers to suit your goals.

We provide fast payouts to website owners. Our support team works around the clock.

How can I start selling you traffic? Which settings are required? How does the Ad zone work?

First, you have to fill out sign up form to create an account on trafficbox.com. Next you need to decide which types of traffic you want to sell (we recommend you contact our support team for advice). Next, you have to login to your "Publisher" account, select the type of traffic and create a separate Ad zone for each type of traffic.

Ad Zone allows coordinating your traffic streams in the most optimal way. You can sort your traffic by type, define your own customized settings, including the variation in price for each type of traffic. Our system also provides detailed statistic reports for each individual ad zone.

We recommend using several Ad Zones even if you sell only one type of traffic.Even if you sell the traffic from one website, you can use multiple ad zones to optimize your traffic flow and to maximize your profits.

Can I use the same Ad Zone code for several web sites?

Yes, you can use the same code on all of your websites. In this case, when you create an Ad zone, you will need to make a list of all websites for which you're planning to use this code in the menu section "Additional sites". However, to ensure maximum transparency and accuracy of your statistics, we recommend use separate Ad zones for each site.

Where can I check details of my sold traffic, impressions, etc.?

The most comprehensive statistics with data sorted out by domains, devices, languages, countries, financial metrics, etc., is available within your TrafficBox account in the "Publishers" ->"Full Report" menu section.

Can I check the list of buyers and block unwanted ones?

We laid down strict control in our system, which allows you to ensure that your traffic is being sent to trusted and proven sources with good reputation only. At the same time, our system ensures maximum transparency of the process, so you can get insight on where your traffic goes at any time. To do this, you can use "Manage Advertisers" menu option from the "Publishers" section of your TrafficBox account. There you can also block undesired buyers' resources by using "Manage Blacklist" option.

Do you have an affiliate programme?

Yes, we have an affiliate programme, you can find more information here: http://trafficbox.com/info/affiliate. If you put our links or banners on your websites you can:

get another 3% on top of your earnings for traffic sold from the website where our banner/link is placed

get 3% of a Publisher's earnings lifetime if he uses your link to register in our system

get 3% of an Advertiser's spending lifetime if he/she joins our system on your recommendation

Advertisers’ Questions

How can I create and run a campaign? How long does it take to check the URLs/campaigns?

There are two ways to create and launch a campaign:

a) Go to the "Advertisers" section, select the "New Campaign" tab and follow the instructions to create a new campaign.

b) Go to the "Advertisers" section. The "Available Traffic" tab opens by default. You will find a table with available traffic/inventory options on this page. To make an order click on the "Purchase" button next to the option you chose.

Creatives usually take anywhere from 30 minutes up to 24 hours to get approved.

What payment systems do you accept? How can I make a payment? Is there any additional verification required?

We accept Credit cards, PayPal, Bank Wire, Paxum and Webmoney. A very fast and simple additional verification might be required to ensure security of the payment made with Credit card or through PayPal.

Do you provide dynamic tags (tokens)? Are there any other ways to track conversions on my website?

Sure, the following dynamic parameters can be added to URL for tracking traffic behavior (conversions etc.) on the client side.

{domain} - returns the source domain name
{campaign} - returns the Campaign ID
{category} - source category
{os} - Operation System
{device} - source Device
{country} - source Country
{lang} - browser Language
Example of landing page url with dynamic parameters: http://www.url.com/page .html?src={domain}&campaign={campaign}&niche={niche}&os={os}&device={device}&country={country}&land={lang}.

Tags after "?" and "&" (src= and campaign= ) are user-defined. You are free to use any tags which can be recognized by your tracking software.

In the "Adrvertisers" section -> the "Pixel tracking" tab you can generate tracking pixel which should simply be insterted in the code of the page where you would like to track results <body>..</body>. Statistics on your convertions will be displayed in the same section. It can be filtered by campaigns, traffic source and countries.

What payment models do you offer (CPM, CPC, etc.)?

Pricing models depend on the type of the traffic you have selected.

In popunder campaigns calculations are made per one unique user redirected to your URL. All prices are indicated for 1,000 unique users.

In banner campaigns there are two pricing models: CPC (pay per click on a banner) and maximum CPM (maximum cost which Advertiser is ready to pay for 1,000 impressions). Each type has the base value (per 1 click or 1,000 impressions) which is the minimum price you can set for a campaign.

What does maximum CPM mean?

Maximum CPM is the maximum price per 1000 impressions you are ready to pay. Our Real-Time-Bidding system will adjust the price automatically in order to keep advertiser’s campaign always competitive and set the minimum price necessary to reach a certain position. So your actual CPM can be even lower than your Maximum CPM depending on the market situation.

What do eCPM, eCPC parameters mean in banner campaigns??

eCPM = effective cost per each 1.000 impressions.
eCPC = effective cost per click
for maxCPM campaigns eCPM=CPM

For CPC campaigns eCPM is calculated in the following way:
Click Ratio (CTR) x Cost Per Click (CPC) x 1000 = eCPM
For CPC campaigns eCPC = CPC

For maxCPM campaigns eCPCis calculated in the following way:

How can I get more traffic/impressions? How can I check my order position in the queue?

TrafficBox works on a real-time bidding basis. It means the higher your bid is the higher position you get in a distribution system and therefore the more traffic (impressions) you receive. You can check your campaign position against competitor campaigns in the "Advertisers" section ->"My campaigns"->"Bid" button next to corresponding order.
For CPM campaigns our platform optimizes bids automatically in real-time mode. Please check paragraph 6 for more details (maximum CPM)

How can I view statistics for a specific campaign and global campaign statistics?

We understand how important to you detailed statistics. That is why we have made a separate section - Full report («Advertisers" tab). In this section you can check reports on a particular campaign and all campaigns by countries, referers, browsers, operating systems, devices, in any time period. Each report contains main indicators and necessary financial data. Note that the statistical data is updated with a delay of 15 minutes.

Can I create black and white lists of traffic sources?

Sure, you can add any traffic sources in the relevant lists using "Black/White lists" menu option on the "Advertisers" page -> "My campaigns" tab.

What is the time zone of the system?

UTC-0 hours (Eastern time, US&Canada)

Can I sort my campaigns by language, browser, OS?
Absolutely, while creating a new campaign you can set up advanced targeting settings on a Step 3 or in the "Edit" menu for the existing campaigns.
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