Information for Publishers

TrafficBox has a great choice of solutions for its Publishers. You maximize your profit with us by selling almost every type of traffic you can imagine, all in one place. We accept mobile traffic, purchase banner spots, we also deal with video traffic and buy popunder ads. Our specialists help optimizing your pages to ensure your highest revenue, keeping your traffic productivity high at the same time.

TrafficBox has one of the lowest service commissions in the industry, which allows us to pay more than most of the brokers do. It is the place where you set the prices depending on your traffic type, category and quality. Your traffic price will never drop unexpectedly, as you can expect with some other brokers, because here you set your own Rules.

To help you work out the best publishing strategy, we provide advanced realtime statistics. By creating separate AdZones you can control traffic productivity / CPC on any part of any page you sell traffic from and setup different prices depending on your strategy / spot popularity. You can generate separate detailed reports for any group of ads.

We send your traffic to trusted and clean sites. Our Requirements for Advertisers are very strict. The websites we sell traffic to are legit and being monitored round-the-clock. The traffic delivery is all transparent, you always know where your traffic goes to.

You get paid per non-unique hits. We test your raw traffic, filter it and distribute between Advertisers trying to sell it at the highest fair price possible.

TrafficBox also acts as a mediator between Publishers and Advertisers of their own. By selling traffic to your Advertisers through TrafficBox, you have a multiple choice of payout options, you keep the Advertisers’ sites monitored 24/7, your traffic is being tested as well so that your Advertisers are always sure your traffic is real and has a good quality. You significantly increase your profit as your unsold traffic can be also sold to other Advertisers per your request. We provide advanced traffic statistics, all necessary documents, invoices and receipts for your Advertisers’ accounting. And of course we have round-the-clock live support.

We have no weekly/monthly payouts. All payouts are processed by request several times a day. We also have instant automatic payouts available.

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